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Give to the Max Day

Thursday, November 15, 2012 — Save the Date
Stop by and visit us on Give-To-The-Max Day
We Want and Need Your Support!


Give-to-the-Max Day is right around the corner! Access Justice (AJ) is excited about this year’s event and the opportunity to extend our network of supporters, in addition to connecting with the loyal core of current supporters, many of whom are former clients.


At Access Justice, we are all about helping one of the most overlooked and unserved groups in Minnesota: regular, working class people of modest means whose access to our legal system is virtually nil.


The Forgotten Working Class

These days, very few low- and moderate-income Minnesotans can afford to pay the often outrageous fees needed to hire private attorneys for any purpose. Worse yet, most such ordinary people are also not considered “poor enough” to qualify for free legal aid. This huge, unserved population of 1.3 million working class Minnesotans have long been forgotten by our legal system, and in desperate need of quality and affordable legal assistance.


Expect More. Get More.

AJ is unique: a pioneering public service organization and tax-exempt charity, the establishment of which had been urged by both the private Bar and general public for over 30 years.


In just a few years Access Justice has already filled a critical void in our legal system, earning the praise of clients, colleagues and donors alike. Notably, in September 2012 the prestigious Charities Review Council recognized Access Justice as one of Minnesota’s most trustworthy organizations.


With our emphasis on social justice, Access Justice offers quality assistance across a wide spectrum of legal issues–either without cost (“Pro Bono”) or at very modest, affordable rates (“Low Bono”), which never exceed $99 per hour. Never!


At Access Justice, we believe in Proactive Legal Services: preventive legal counsel that emphasizes, whenever possible, solving problems efficiently without resorting to time-consuming and costly litigation. We always keep our focus on serving the public interest; namely, efficiently and affordably solving problems for regular working class citizens who’ve been unfairly excluded from our legal system.


Think you might forget Give-to-the-Max day on November 15?
No problem. Schedule a donation today! Just click on VISIT-DONATE below, and you will be directed to our dedicated, secure page at GiveMN.



Thank you!

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heartWhat our supporters have to say...

This courageous effort is just what the doctor ordered.- - The Honorable Lawrence D. Cohen
Through our work with you, people in the Somali community will be able to get real legal assistance… There is no other firm like AJ.- - Dahir Mirreh Jibreel, Executive Director, Somalia Justice Advocacy Center
We help clients protect what is rightfully theirs and achieve their goals at minimal cost.- - Elizabeth, Access Justice Volunteer Attorney
You have launched a law firm that has long been needed!- - Deborah Randolph, Retired Minnesota Attorney
You seem to be attempting something I've been thinking (maybe dreaming) about for many years.- - Bob Seng, Assistant General Counsel, Target Corporation
This legal service model is desperately needed. - - Betsy Sitkoff, J-CHAI Coordinator, Jewish Family and Children’s Services

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Access Justice is a nonprofit, full service public interest law firm committed to providing quality, affordable (or free) legal services to low- and moderate-income persons who have no access to our legal system.

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