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We recognize and are pleased with both the compatibility of our organization’s mission with the mission of Access Justice, as well as the mutual benefits that we see from acting in partnership over time…. Through our work with you, people in the Somali community finally will be able to get real legal assistance…. There is no other firm like Access Justice. We appreciate your willingness to work with the Somali Justice Advocacy Center both in partnership and as a guiding force to the thousands of Somali’s who can and will benefit from your legal assistance and counsel.

- Dahir Mirreh Jibreel, Executive Director, Somalia Justice Advocacy Center

As a former state judge, Mayor of St. Paul, and Commissioner in Ramsey County, I have seen first-hand the unfortunate consequences of the inability of large segments of our community to get the legal assistance they need. This courageous effort to provide quality and affordable legal services for ordinary people of limited means is just what the doctor ordered… I will do all I can to ensure that Access Justice achieves the support and success it deserves.

- The Honorable Lawrence D. Cohen, former Mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota

Thank you for everything! I never could have done it by myself. I am relieved that my problems are over; and instead of losing all that money, you found a way to make the government help me. My rights were protected, and now I know the legal system can help regular people like me. Your small fee was so worth it.

- H.S., Client of former Access Justice Volunteer Attorney

Our non-litigious approach solves problems efficiently and saves clients time and money. By staying out of court as much as possible, we help clients protect what is rightfully theirs and achieve their goals at minimal cost.

-Elizabeth, Access Justice Volunteer Attorney

Thanks for the information. I applaud your efforts; a public interest law firm such as Access Justice is so desperately needed. I will share this information with others. I believe they will find this exciting.

- Betsy Sitkoff, J-CHAI Coordinator, Jewish Family and Children’s Services

As discussed, you seem to be attempting something I’ve been thinking (maybe dreaming) about for many years…. I have imagined a firm like this for over 20 years. My expertise has been ERISA (employee benefits, etc.) for 20 years and I have never found a satisfactory place to send employees looking for help.

- Bob Seng, Assistant General Counsel, Target Corporation

Initially, I was simply amazed by the value offered their legal services. After working with them, I realized it is the quality of their services and the kindness of their staff that truly make Access Justice stand out.

- Richard, Former Client

I’ve learned hard: the most difficult thing about our legal system is getting access to justice. It’s nearly impossible – no it’s impossible – to find quality and affordable legal assistance for a low income working class man such as myself. Thank God for Access Justice! Why don’t more people know about you? Access Justice should be everywhere; what are you waiting for?

- Patrick North, Pride Designs, LLC

Having nowhere else to seek help and feeling hopeless, we turned to you to save my son. Thank God that we did. From the moment you met him, his life began to change. He found the true gifts of his life in your words of comfort. You greeted him with “I can see that you’re a good kid” and it was like his life was sparked with new hope and belief in himself. You changed our lives, Jim, and for that we will be forever grateful. I don’t want to imagine what our lives would be know had you not so generously offered your help. We are forever grateful to you and pray that you will continue to change the lives of those in need as you so ably did for us.

-Lisa, Former Client

Jim: Thanks for making me feel so comfortable as a person with my situations. You are truly a nice and good person. Thanks for your advice and the staff is wonderful. May God bless you.

-Quiana, Former Client


From Our Founder…

Politics and the quality of lawyering itself, good and bad, can and do consistently affect, and often determine, whether and how justice is delivered at all, and who in our society will be, or not be, the recipients of fair treatment in the courts, our institutions and even on the streets of our communities.

It is encouraging to me that so many attorneys, both experienced and new to the profession, have had the guts, persistence, creativity and humility to dedicate themselves, professionally and personally, to (1) improving the justice system and/or using their chosen skills to better the lives of less advantaged citizens; and to (2) showing us that we all have both the opportunity and responsibility to play some small, but important role in building and leaving such a legacy.

While there is a real basis for hope and even optimism about the continued enhancement of certain individual rights, we have so much further to go to ensure broad-scale social justice at the community level. Indeed, tens of millions of forgotten Americans—especially un- and under-represented low- and moderate-income working families and small businesses of limited means—still find access to justice an elusive and often hollow process. That can and must change.

Our goal and commitment at Access Justice is to play a meaningful part in helping to ensure that such unfairness and disparity is at very least minimized in Minnesota, and eventually nationwide.

- Jim Cohen, Founder & Executive Director, Access Justice

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This courageous effort is just what the doctor ordered.- - The Honorable Lawrence D. Cohen
Through our work with you, people in the Somali community will be able to get real legal assistance… There is no other firm like AJ.- - Dahir Mirreh Jibreel, Executive Director, Somalia Justice Advocacy Center
We help clients protect what is rightfully theirs and achieve their goals at minimal cost.- - Elizabeth, Access Justice Volunteer Attorney
You have launched a law firm that has long been needed!- - Deborah Randolph, Retired Minnesota Attorney
You seem to be attempting something I've been thinking (maybe dreaming) about for many years.- - Bob Seng, Assistant General Counsel, Target Corporation
This legal service model is desperately needed. - - Betsy Sitkoff, J-CHAI Coordinator, Jewish Family and Children’s Services

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